Energy efficient, environmental friendly system development for food processing.

Plastic Move

To solve plastic pollution, Plastic Move produces bioplastic feedstocks from starch-based waste. We focused on waste bread due to the 6 billion waste bread in Turkey every year.


The use of pesticides is common in agriculture. Due to potential health implications, pesticide residues in food is a major consumer concern. Yet consumers do not have easy access to tools to test for pesticide residues in their food and water. Our goal is to provide an easy to use the smartphone-based testing system for general consumers.


Biyoteknoloji ve Analiz Sistemleri Ltd.Şti.

In Turkey, 20 million tons of raw milk is produced and half of it is used by the industrial diary plants. For the safety of milk products, carbonate, peroxide, acidity, mastitis and antibiotic detection should be performed in the field. There are not any rapid testing system for these analytes except the antibiotics. Paper-based test strips or sensing systems will allow in-situ analysis of the milk samples by being low cost and rapid. Thus, the quality and safety of the milk products will be provided.


Solve trust issue in global trade of fresh produce and provide virtual market place.

Sophie's Bionutrients

Food supply and sustainability in agritech for microalgae protein.


Olive and legumes which are recommended to be consumed every day in the Mediterranean diet cannot be consumed outside the table easily. Gugagon is producing healthy and delicious vegan products which not served Turkish consumers before.


Our company focuses on lowering the cost of cultured meat production. Today the cost of cell based meat is around 3000 USD/kg. of the cost of the production incoming from Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). It is an animal product and loaded with the growth factors for the growth of muscle cells. Biftek is seeking to lower the price of cultivated meat production and make it affordable for everyone.

Mutlu Gıda Tarım Ürünleri

Repositioning a traditional Turkish taste to today’s nutrional requirements for functional foods


Fazla Gıda offers holistic and digital solutions to food surpluses in line with the Food Recovery Hierarchy and matches them with the right partner who offers the highest financial, environmental and social value. Placing technology at the heart of a crucial issue as food waste the platform creates a unique marketplace where food businesses can manage all of their unsold, surplus inventories from one place. And the platform provides a data analytics dashboard to reduce waste at the source.

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