Özgür Bayındır

Head of Acibadem Bodrum


Özgür Bayındır, MD.

Head of Acıbadem Bodrum Tıp Merkezi

Özgür is an entrepreneur with a Medical degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey.
After graduating from Medical School, Özgür worked as an MD for LÖSEV. Later he worked as a Medical Manager for the Pharmaceutical Company BMS.
In 2000, Özgür started his own business by managing a clinic in Bodrum. He created a new model for Healthcare services in Turism and established his brand “Clinic International Bodrum”. In 2012 Clinic International became a partner of Acıbadem Healthcare. In 2019, Clinic International moved to a new address by changing it’s name to “Acıbadem Bodrum Tıp Merkezi”
Özgür is a fan of Latin music and culture. He is very good at Salsa.
Özgür is married and dad of 2,5 years old lovely twin girls

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