Kemal Kaplan

Acıbadem Healthcare Group – IT Director
Acıbadem Technology – Board Member


Kemal KAPLAN is a graduate of Akdeniz University Electronics Department. He worked as an expert in Sony, Netaş, Pimaş and Yapı Kredi Bank; He served as an executive at Esbank, Etibank, ZB and HSBC. He took part in many projects related to restructuring, merger of financial institutions, call center, credit cards, ATM and banking application / technologies and health application / technologies. He has studies on mobile technologies, wearable technologies and R & D projects and shares his experiences in health technologies with the sector at many conferences. Kaplan is a technology consultant for some public institutions on behalf of Acıbadem Health Group. He is also the founder of Life Sciences and Information Technologies Association. The A-Store product developed with the R & D team has received many awards in international and national fields.

At the same time, he manages the Technical Services (Electrical, Mechanical, Maintenance, Repair, Energy Management, Environmental Management, OHS, Renovation). Having restructured its Technical Services department in 2010, Kaplan is responsible for the management of the technical services of 30 locations within the Holding. The chairmanship of the Disaster Management Committee is also carried out on behalf of the Technical Services.

He is Member of the Board of Directors at Acibadem Technology and is the executive director of Acibadem Healthcare Group responsible for technology management.

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