Erdi Huizenga

Medical Officer Smarter-Hospital

Erdi Huizenga, Medical Officer Smarter-Hospital.

Erdi went Medicine at the Free University in Amsterdam. After finishing her medicine study she worked at the cardiac surgery department of the university Hospital of the Free University, before starting her training for tropical doctor. In the Netherlands, the training for tropical doctor is unique and consist of gaining practical skills at a surgical department and at a obstetric/gynecology department in a Dutch Hospital followed by a theoretical course at the KIT (Royal Tropical Institute).

As qualified tropical doctor Erdi worked on behalf of Coraid in Mua Mission Hospital in Malawi for 3 years. There she was running a 130-bed hospital together with a Malawian management team.

In 2012 February she started in Yele to set up Lion heart Medical Center in Yele, Sierra Leone. Starting with 5 employees and a small out patient clinic only, it grew into a 70-bed general hospital with adult medical and surgical care, pediatric care, a maternity and an isolation/long stay ward. During the Ebola, the hospital was hit and Erdi and her colleague were evacuated, but she soon returned to continue to fight Ebola and render medical care in the midst of this terrible outbreak.

In October 2017 Erdi transferred to City Garden Clinic, in Makeni, with the aim to improve the running of this hospital.

With her love for people, medicine and improvisation she has gained quite a lot of experience in providing health care in low resource settings, but also in managing health care in low resource settings.

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